Killer Game S5E1 – Ben Kheng Got Schooled!

Killer Game S5E1 – Ben Kheng Got Schooled!

Are you confused yet? Ask us anything regarding the rules and we will explain to you as much as we could! Meanwhile, don’t forget to vote for the MVP of this round:

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  • Here's a summary of some new roles and rules!

    1) Playboy: Must visit one person each night. If they visit a killer, they die. If they visit a good guy, nothing happens. If they visit the killers' target, they die. They cannot visit the same person consecutively.

    2) Guard: Pretty simple, they protect one person every night. Can't protect the same person consecutively! If the same person is guarded AND saved by the doctor, they die of an overdose.

    3) Zombie Killer: Chooses a Zombie Child before the game. If the ZK dies before the Zombie Child, the Child is activated as a killer in the NEXT night. Their previous power (if any) is no more. This means we can trust no one… If the Zombie Killer is the last Killer, there is no awakening of the Zombie Child.

    Some weird but possible scenarios:
    – Most number of deaths in the night is 3! (Playboy, Killer's victim and Poisoned)
    – If Playboy visits a poisoned person, he survives
    – If Playboy is guarded and he visits a Killer or victim, he survives
    -If a Zombie Killer is poisoned/challenged, the Zombie child is not immediately activated and they'd have to wait one more night. This makes for some super fun reactions.
    -If a Knight or Detective challenge/check a Zombie Child before turning, they would see a Good Guy.
    -Reminder that after using their save, the Doctor won't see who dies anymore. There are times when a Doctor would see 2 dead people and can only save one.

    Enjoy the game! You may pop any questions left here (;

  • This is fun but the new rules are very heavily in favour of the killers 😂. Both guard and playboy have too high a chance of killing themselves off without killer help.
    Does anyone know when they tell the zombie child that they've been bitten? I wonder if they know from the first round, they might be inclined to help the killers knowing they will turn into one later.

  • Killers were always going to win.
    New rules favour killers.
    Plus having Kishan is as bad as having Fish and whoever Ben is, he was just as hopeless.
    So good guys never stood a chance.

  • · Edit

    To be honest, this is not the best version of how Zombie role should have been played. The zombie has to be a third party as it was with Vampire in season 2.. And to make it anonymous, unlike the bite marks, use a subtle vibrating tool signaled by remote (IDK, you guys figure out other tools to signal invisibly)… That way it'd be more more hillarious to watch the plot twist among the killers when one of them has turned… Now that is Zombie !

  • Ok first all Guard has some points to take before using its power, since there is heal, guard must activate its power first or the doctor can lie low first, 2nd doctors power has been limited due to guards power, heal and guard could be a double edge sword, playboy skill is also double sword but if playboy will know at least 2 good people, then he can alternately swap between two for visit, zombie killer for me is strong but not strong enough when the players will adjust well to the game, it has onyy one play that he can play, and that method is like what terence did, force the knight to challenge him and activiate the zombie child and be aggressive as well in claiming roles so that he is forced to be taken out other than that well he can just play like ordinary killer role play, anyways somehow it can be balance since powers of good guys can be a double edge sword and ZK can only be played in 1 strategy mode


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