[NEW] Fairy Tail VS One Piece 2.1 (Android) [DOWNLOAD]

[NEW] Fairy Tail VS One Piece 2.1 (Android) [DOWNLOAD]

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[NEW] Fairy Tail VS One Piece 2.1 (Android) [DOWNLOAD]

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*- MediaFire:
*- File Size: 64, 5mb (apk)

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✩ Tutorial Download (New):
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✩ Tutorial All Moves in game (download):
✩ Combos Tutorial Playlist:

*✩ IMPORTANT: This app has ads. I do not own this ads. I do not receive any money from these advertisements. The original creator received it. You can turn off the network connection when playing to not see ads.*

*✩ New things:*
+ New character: Shanks.
+ Edited, fixed some characters.
+ New settings.
+ Optimize the game’s size.
+ Optimize the loading speed.
+ Optimize the smoothness.

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*✩ Copyright belongs to Kizuma Gaming*

*P/s: sorry for clickbait 🙂

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