Play PSP games on iOS 13! *NO COMPUTER*

Play PSP games on iOS 13! *NO COMPUTER*

Playing classic PSP games has never been easier with PPSSPP! Relive your childhood playing Sony Playstation Portable games on your iPhone, iPad or iPod without a jailbreak or a computer! Oh and never worry about losing your games or saves again. Leave a Like if this video helped you 👍🏼 Thanks for watching!

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🚨 Optimal Settings for PPSSPP by D7:

Mode – Buffered Rendering
Simulate Transfer (Unfinished) Ticked ✓
Frameskipping 1
Auto frameskip Ticked ✓
Prevent FPS from exceeding 60 (Speed up GoW) Ticked ✓
Alternative speed (in % 0 = unlimited) 0
Postprocessing shader off
Stretch to display – Unticked
Small display – Unticked
Rendering resolution – 1xPSP
Mipmapping – Unticked
Hardware transformer – Ticked ✓
Software skinning – Ticked ✓
Vertex cache – Ticked ✓
Lazy texture caching (speedup) – Ticked ✓
Retain changed textures (Speedup, memory hog) – Ticked ✓
Disable slower effects (speedup) – Ticked ✓
Spline/Bezier curves quality – Low
Upscale level – Off
Upscale type – xBRZ
Deposterize – Unticked
Anisotropic filtering – Off
Texture filtering – Auto
Screen scaling filter – Linear
Time hack – Ticked ✓
Disable alpha test (speedup) – Unticked
Disable stencil test – Ticked ✓
Force depth write – Unticked
Texture coord speedhack (speedup) Ticked ✓
Show FPS counter – None
Show debug statistics – Unticked
Dump next frame to log – unticked

Enable sound – Ticked ✓
Audia latency – Low
Sound spped hack (Dead or alive, etc,) Ticked ✓

Fast memory (unstable) – Ticked ✓
Force real clock sync (slower, les lag) – Unticked
Change emulated PSP’s CPU clock (0 = auto) 0
Respect FPU rounding (disable for old GEB saves) Ticked ✓
Check for new version of PPSSPP – Ticked ✓
Auto-load newest savestate – Unticked
Enable networking/WLAN – Unticked

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