Ross's Game Dungeon: Veil of Darkness

Ross's Game Dungeon: Veil of Darkness

For Halloween, Ross tries to pierce the Veil of Darkness.

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32 thoughts on “Ross's Game Dungeon: Veil of Darkness

  1. 35:15

    "I like how they just cut him down and left him there right next to the new hanging"

    well, what were they supposed to do? it's not like they have a gravedigger anymore.

  2. Did you see the diving speed of that pteroid? Also the arrow she shot was very beefy and was a plumb shot straight on that glass in the center.

    James Cameron can do no wrong and will one day save us all.

  3. I also like the antagonist in this game. He is strong and you seriously have to be the choosen one to defeat him. It's no wonder that everyone had to obey his orders.

  4. I think the only RPG where avoiding battles is Stygian: Reign Of The Old One's, since it's based on Howard Philip Lovecraft's work's, it's basic Cosmicism that fighting monster's is an useless endeavour.

  5. Chuck's Plane, at least to me, looks to be a cross between a Lockheed Model 10 Electra, judging by the cockpit profile, and a Douglas DC-3/C-47 for the fuselage, wing shape and tail structure, though I'm most likely wrong on this. Please, I request not to be quoted on this.

  6. I'm not seeing anyone else mention it so, just as an FYI, gy*sy is generally considered to be a slur nowadays due to its connotations with dirt and crime and particularly its usage by the Nazis. 'Roma' is generally considered to be the respectful substitute. :v

  7. Maybe there should be a sequel where Chuck becomes kind of a vampire hunter, going around and solving problems that the book caused but not really intending to destroy the book itself, which will weird out the victims left in its wake, like it's Chuck's ex-girlfriend and there's still some chemistry between them.

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