The Voice Season 2 (2013 France) – Luc Arbogast, Cancion Sefaradi – Translation in description

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The Voice Season 2 (2013 France) – Luc Arbogast, Cancion Sefaradi – Translation in description

Song name : Cancion Sefaradi – original composition by Luc Arbogast.
Instrument : Irish Bouzouki.
Language : based on Saint-Jacques-de-Compostelle pilgrimage, Latin, Arabic, Hebrew (15th Century).

Génial ce mec, Maître Luc, je suis tombé sur lui en zappant et aussi tombé sur le cul quand je me suis retourné xD, j’avais la même tête que Bertignac mais dommage qu’il ait choisi la Jennifer là ! mais POURQUOI !!! (maj. Luc, ton choix ne t’as certainement pas valus, Jennifer ne pige que dalle à ce genre musical, puisqu’elle est issue de la promotion…)

Merci à tous pour vos visualisations, vos partages et vos pouces vers le haut 😉

For all those who wanted an english translation (please note: english is not my first langage so sorry for the mistakes! I tried to do the best I could):

0:01 (Garou) Is somebody there?
0:09 (Florent) What’s that sound?
0:17 (Jenifer) It’s oriental.
0:19 (Garou) It’s Santa Claus (Florent?) with his sleigh.
0:33 (Jenifer) Ah I love the sitar. (sitar being the name of a quite unknown music instrument not so different from the one he’s actually playing)
1:59 (Jenifer) I want to see him.
2:06 (Jenifer) That’s crazy (incredible)
3:31 (Luc)Thank you very much.
3:34 (Jenifer) Good evening.
3:37 (Luc) Ladies and gentlemen, good evening.
3:40 (Jenifer) What’s your name?
3:41 (Luc) My name is Luc Arbogast
Jenifer: I was hypnotized. We all were. We were spellbound. You took us into your world. What language were you singing in?
Luc: Actually it’s a mix of historical langages used during the pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela. So there are basics of latin, arabic, hebrew… all of them put together to form a very spiritual langage.
Jenifer: Well done! Thank you for making me discover all that. That was beautiful.
Louis: There were angels passing through during… that was rather magical. And what’s the instrument? A lute?
Luc: It’s an Irish bouzouki. It’s a cousin of the Greek bouzouki but it’s an irish design.
Louis: Just out of curiosity, you always sing in that style or you do Rolling Stones or…?
Luc: Actually, I started to play music very young so I have a bigger musical repertoire. But I’ve been making a living with that type of music for 17 years now.
Louis: If I asked you to choose between Julien Clerc, Led Zeppelin or Rolling Stones, what would it be?
Luc: Without hesitation, Led Zep.
Louis: Yes I thought so.
Garou: I want so badly to hear other songs with your voice…
Florent : You surprise me.
Garou: It sounded like it came from another world. We can say you have a sacred voice.
Luc: Thank you very much.
Louis: And what a voice!
Garou: Have you tried to combine this type of music with a more modern vibe?
Luc: If I stay in this repertoire, I suppose I will reach a limit at some point. I think we can agree on that. But I don’t exclude working on other sonorities.
Garou: I volunteer for that, because I would love to reach the end of the competition with you, doing fusions of different styles.
Florent: Indeed you can give us your choices so we can determine how to combine all that and help you go further in the competition. But in any case, you are a good performer, I want you in my team.
Garou: It’s up to you to decide how your adventure will proceed.
Luc: In all honesty, for personal reasons, without making waves, I want to work with Jenifer.
Jenifer: Ohlala! Here we go!… Thank you!
Florent: It’s a good choice!
Jenifer: Thank you! I’m delighted!
Luc: Thank you for your welcome!
Jenifer: See you soon.
Florent: Thank you! And congratulations once again.

Merci à Evy2526 pour sa traduction, merci à toi 😉

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