Using a Windows Phone, 5 years later

Using a Windows Phone, 5 years later

Windows Phone. That was a thing. Today let’s explore what it’s like to use a Windows Phone all these years later, especially now as updates are ending next month- could it actually be any good?

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  • Was Bill Gates right? Could Windows Phone have beat Android if things went their way? Probably not, but you never know.

    It's still cool though, and I wish it had been more successful. Did you ever have a Windows phone? Are any of you still somehow using one? Let me know if you are, there has to be somebody out there

  • Most of what IOS adopted and advertised as unique was pioneered by windows phone. Live photos? 2013 on windows phone. Noise cancelling? There were about 5 things I can't think of. I just put my sim in my lumia 950 to try it for a while. The stupid thing is that most apps have decent mobile pages now. Youtube mobile page is just as functional as the android app. And the camera quality and dynamic range was amazing for 2015. It's almost, but not quite a match for my lg v40. But the manual controls can make up for a lot. They were good phones. I with they would have persevered and the duo was a windows phone. But I can understand that the division was just shedding $$.

  • I´m still using the great phone. I like that it is lightweight, I carry two phones (different companies). I use the black-white mode, excellent in daylight, the other phone I have Samsung 9+ -not so great a sunny day. Of course I miss a lot of apps, thats the real downside. Keyboard is great, better then Samsung. Kamera is rather good, not as god as Samsung. Wireless charging works well, for me is the wide diplay very good.

  • I always wanted one the tiles looked so cool! I liked the Nokia design overall. The app store though, I used to check it online and my bank, Starbucks, YouTube, etc. never had official apps. I got a used iPhone 4s instead. If you want a similar experience in 2020 try an Amazon Fire Tablet, all the "Google" apps are web wrappers.

  • I had the Nokia Lumia 630 Windows Phone and when I first got it I could tell it wasn't gonna be anything worth keeping and it wasn't gonna be able to compete with Google or Apple so I got rid of it and went back to Android Phone's. You could customize Windows Phone's but not as much as Android and you couldn't just download anything you wanted like you can with Android they we're locked down but not as locked down as Apple iPhones but still locked down too much for my liking and the software and navigation was just annoying to try to use but at least Microsoft gave Phone's a try.

  • I think windowsphone was the leading on innovation (on that day) but it’s unlucky because apps support bad. Oh yeah sorry to say that it’s too pricey right? Oh damn god I really missed my Lumia 520 on my pocket! How come with that 512MB ram can run asphalt 8 faster on mobile device ever?! Are you kidding?? Oh and you got the smoothest experiences! You never worries about your phone go laggy. It was my best experience tbh.


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